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Since 2018, the Bonny Island Marathon has attracted over 10,000 runners across Nigeria to run in the emerging metropolitan city of Bonny. Bonny Island Marathon is a sports-tourism 21K marathon in Bonny Island, Rivers State. For the past four years, it has continuously evolved to meet the demand of the ever changing social dynamics in terms of objectives, social and economic impact. Since 2018, BIM has attracted thousands of participants running as professionals, amateur, and leisure runners across the male and female category. We continue to aspire to accommodate participants with special needs.
Championed by its people, shaped by their ideas, and amplified by their collective resolve to see a Kingdom beyond dependence on oil and gas. With projects like the Bonny-Bodo Road, NLNG Train -7, Bonny-Dubai Project, Deep sea port and the Bonny Consulate. It has the potential to not only increase economic interaction within the area, but open more opportunities across the board. Most importantly, emerging sectors like entertainment, sports, and tourism with a high potential creative economy can trigger what is going to look like a Bonny Boom within the next 15 years.
With these in mind, it makes perfect sense to encourage cross-stakeholder participation and collaboration to support and drive initiatives like the Bonny Island Marathon with direct impact for the communities, its young people, businesses and the government.
The Marathon has been many things to different people, bringing excitement, aligning to individual health and lifestyle plans, being a channel for social impact for organizations and of course, bringing sales/leads for partner brands and money for winners. There's been something for everyone.
The objective of the Bonny Island Marathon is to promote the sports-tourism sector of the Bonny Kingdom. It was also set to discover and export next generation Athletes, and be a platform known for global reputation. It will portray Bonny Island to the global community as a safe, peaceful and emerging metropolitan city to live and invest in - beyond oil and gas.
We believe that creating an internationally recognized Marathon brand in the Bonny Island Marathon contributes to the positive brand value for Nigeria not just Rivers State or the Bonny Island. In this regard, we are continuously improving and engaging relevant agencies and Stakeholders in order to secure an IAAF or AIMS status – to communicate high quality and international standards.
Every year, the Marathon season begins with a call for registration. Registration is open to the public, and for local and global athletes. We've recorded over 10,000 participants in the last 4 years. Internal data shows that over 80% of participants are young people within 18 - 35 years with about 25% aggregate appearance for women. We have also seen participants coming across states going from 4 states being represented in 2018 to about 25 states fully represented.
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