Bonny Island Marathon


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Day of the Event

It is a runner’s individual responsibility to be at the defined starting points an hour before the start of each distance, whether it be using his or her own personal means of transportation, private transportation, or the event’s official buses.
The Event Organizers reserve the right to suspend or cancel the race, change the date or race schedule, or modify the route and aid stations in cases of force majeure, including, but not limited to, the following: fire, war, acts of terrorism, exceptional climatic conditions, natural disasters, accidents, or for security reasons or justified orders from a competent authority.

More Information

Start Time:  Marathon – 6:00am

Getting to Start

Participants driving are advised to park their vehicles at authorized areas. Attempts to drive to the areas mapped for race may cause congestion and delays and violators may be sanctioned. Participants are advised to come early to avoid delays.

Race Number Collection

Dates for collection of Race Numbers shall be announced about a week before Marathon day.

Beeps, Medals and Certificates

All participants may receive a running race vest subject to availability, and finishers will receive prizes accordingly (medals and certificate). Branded items can be made available.

Race Timing

The race will be timed. Chips/Tags will be attached to the race bib number you will receive in your race pack. Do not remove this tag from your bib number.

Drink Stations

Water Stations will be provided at 2.5km, 5km, 7.5km, 10km, 12.5km, 15km,17.5km, 20km and at the finish line.

Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks may be provided subject to availability at selected stations.


Toilets may be provided at selected stations on the Marathon route: 5km, 15km, and at the finish.


Ambulances and Paramedics will accompany runners as well as buses for fatigued participants. Medics will also be present at every intermediary station.


Top entertainers and a selection of other fun activities will be available at the finish point ( The Fiesta) to entertain the participants and supporters. Food and Beverage facilities will also be available at the finish line.

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