Bonny Island Marathon


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Sporting Behaviour

There will be both stationary and mobile medical teams along the race route. If any member of those teams determines that a runner must not continue, the competitor must obey his/her command and/or instruction.
Runners may request assistance for minor problems from medical teams found along the route, and then either continue or not, as determined by the assisting medical personnel.
If a runner is not able to complete the race, he/she must inform any member of the Organization and wait at the nearest aid station, from where he/she will be transferred to the finish line, once the last runner has passed.
The Organizers are not responsible for any cost associated with injuries that may occur during the preparation, the transfer to or from the place of the event, or participation in the race. This includes, but is not limited to, medical costs, transport to and from a hospital, services of qualified medical assistance, or any drug product as necessary.
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